Our Sunday worship is rooted in the liturgical tradition of the ancient church, but remains flexible.  We love words and words matter, so although the elements of liturgy stay the same, the words may change with the intent of drawing the worshipper deeper into an experience of God.  We open with confession, a reminder of our human nature and that God loves us no matter what.  We chant or sing the Kyrie, read scripture, sing hymns, hear a sermon or meditation or discuss the texts, offer the prayers of the people, share in the Bread and Cup, and close with a benediction.

Because there are no Old Catholic liturgy books or hymnals in English as of yet, we draw heavily upon other liturgical traditions to shape our worship experience.  What makes us uniquely Old Catholic is our commitment to unity in diversity, our understanding of the central place of the Eucharist, and the importance of the laity within the parish, the diocese, and the national church.

We started gathering in the living rooms of those interested in being and doing church in a different way. We are fortunate to now gather in what was once the living room of a farmhouse. Our worship and our worship space has maintained that welcoming and intimate feel of our first months.


We meet for mass at 5:00pm Sundays at the Dayspring Farmhouse, 11301 Neelsville Church Rd, Germantown.