Welcome!  We are happy you are here, getting a flavor of who we are.


Whether you are a life-long Christian, new to the faith, healing from a wounded church experience, questioning, doubting, or dabbling, we want to encourage you wherever you are in your faith journey.  We invite you to come as you are, wherever you are, and join us in our communal journey as well.  We cannot truly be Christian in isolation because as followers of Jesus we form the body of Christ collectively.  Community is the true expression of Christ here on earth.


Sure, we get it wrong … a lot.  But that is what is so wonderful about grace and forgiveness.  Sure, we fall short of our ideals; we hurt each other, ourselves, and the very heart of God.  No person, and therefore no community, is perfect.  That is why there is grace.  When our response to hurt and disappointment is grace-filled and forgiving, we can be in honest, loving dialog with one another.  That is how we learn and heal and grow together in the love that Jesus commands of us.


At Emmaus, we strive to live into the love ethic of Jesus, standing up for the vulnerable in our society and speaking out against cultural, societal, and governmental policies that further hurt weak and vulnerable people.  That does not mean we do not also endeavor to hear other voices, nor do we malign those with whom we disagree.  Yes, we get angry, but our response should never be hateful.  As Jesus stood on the side of love while still calling out attitudes, behaviors, and policies of abuse and oppression, so we attempt to do the same in the name of God who loves all people.


Again, do we do this perfectly?  Of course not; and in the grace of God we are offered the chance to begin again, and again, and again.


Through worship we gain the stamina, solace, encouragement, and wisdom to continue living as Christ calls us to live in this world.  In community, gathered around God’s table, we are nourished and receive spiritual sustenance by listening to the Word of God and participating in the weekly meal known as Eucharist, or Communion.  And since it is God’s table through Christ, all are welcome at this table: single, married, divorced, remarried, straight, gay, bisexual, black, white, female, male. We are all children of God and beloved of God.


Grace is offered here.  We need you to help us live more fully into that grace-filled life to which God calls every person.


Come; try us on for size.


Grace and Peace to you, and know that God is with you always,

Mother Linda