Our Pastor


Reverend Linda Harrison

Have you heard the one about the woman raised in the Dutch Reformed Church, who also had strong Quaker influences, and answered God’s call to ordained ministry after joining the United Methodist Church? She ended up a priest in the Old Catholic Church!

The truly funny part is that although a consummate feminist, she thought she would marry a minister, instead of becoming one herself. Mother Linda describes her journey with God as a labyrinth walk and a spiritual rollercoaster.

A labyrinth because when we walk with God, we do not get lost, although it certainly feels that way in the midst of sudden turns and switchbacks. However, God is always at the center and we are given many opportunities to reorient our path toward God.

A rollercoaster because her spiritual journey was, and continues to be, full of ups and downs, both heart-dropping and heart-racing; at times it can be exhilarating and exhausting.

She maintains two truths: God has a wicked sense of humor, and it all comes down to mystery and grace. And trust, something with which we mortals have difficulty when it comes to an unseen, ineffable entity, so we find ourselves back at grace.

Mother Linda learned about grace from the United Methodists and the Lutherans, having attended an Evangelic Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) congregation for a few years after her post-graduate studies. If the UMC introduced her to grace, the ELCA helped shape and deepen that understanding. It was in the ELCA where she also fell in love with the liturgy: the ritual and prayers that surround the grace and mystery of the Eucharist.

All the twists and turns of her spiritual journey have led Mother Linda to the Old Catholic Church. In the Old Catholic Church, Mother Linda has at last found her spiritual home, where grace is evident in the Church’s conviction of unity in diversity. She endeavors to live out and live into God’s grace in her commitment to a welcoming and inclusive community, celebrating the mystery of the Eucharist weekly, and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus and the Love of God to all people.