A meditation offered by Rev. Linda Harrison for the Liturgy of the Passion
Matthew 26:14-27:66
April 10, 2017

cross at sunset

Jesus is dead.  The powers that be think the protest is crushed.  The Empire, the government in power thinks they have won … but we who know the rest of the story know better … Jesus knew better – violence begets violence, hate begets hate.

Jesus, the Christ of God, chose humility unto death over breeding more violence and hate.


Jesus, the Christ of God, chose death to show us once and for all the expansive, abundant love of God, to show us the lengths to which God will go to be in relationship with us and to love us into who we are meant to be.


The powers that be think the protest is over.  We who stand at Golgotha, who have witnessed again the death of Jesus in the reading of the Passion, who have witnessed the death of Love Incarnate must now discern for ourselves how to resist and continue the protest for the love and mercy and justice begun by Christ.


Because the protest isn’t over.  Because love will win and God’s reign of mercy and compassion will come to this earth.  And we are called to be partners in ushering God’s will here on earth as in heaven.  The protest isn’t over; the powers that be did not win.  We continue the work Christ began; we continue the protest with Christ.


Blessed be God forever.



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